Autumn Clarke

two poems from literary team member Atumn Clarke, illustration by Freya Hutchins

Lonely Flowers Are Still Beautiful


Lonely flowers are still beautiful

Stood tall, splayed out 

The velveteen softness of their petals, though untouched

Remain in perfect form

With roots that cling to Earth itself

No lonely flower need worry about her strength

And there is still pollen at her core


You give a little love (And it doesn’t come back to you)

Hearts upon hearts upon a wall for three quarters of a mile,

Outside a hospital where loved ones hold the hands of loved ones soon to die

I could give you Love and Art.

We could stroll big halls filled

With painted visions from Enlightened minds.

There always was a running theme of perspective.


What’s more vulnerable than that?

Sorry, I wasn’t able to get us the last tickets to Mars, 

I spent all my savings in first term of Uni.

Not that it matters now. 

I need to stop giving away

What I should be keeping for myself. 


I was once Tallulah in Bugsy Malone

And then Liesel in the Sound of Music

I was young, yet already I’d been type-cast.

Take me back to the wordless wounds of childhood,

When forgiveness was given so freely,

For petty wrong-doings and 

Tantrums in Tesco’s with mum.