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Our winner is Ellie Thompson, a first year Fine Art student at Christ Church. She writes of her work:

This work was hand-stitched over 49 hours, which is 49 hours not spent bouncing off the walls. The process of making it was very physical and made my arms ache. This became a compelling alternative to my days spent sleeping. My mum keeps telling me lockdown will be easier if I have a purpose, therefore there is something comforting in reinvigorating old scraps and stitching them together to make something new. I normally create art based on intuition, often purging anxieties I may be holding onto which is frequently underpinned with a preoccupation with time. Everything must be done by hand and I enjoy being immersed in the process of making.


My practice will be affected by lockdown due to limited resources and space, though I can fortunately adapt with some ease as a lot of my crafting can be done in a domestic environment. I will have to be more resourceful in terms of what materials I can access, but I am optimistic that this more careful consideration could help me create meaningful responses to the situation we find ourselves in. I definitely miss the opportunity to be messy in the studio, especially having melted plastic onto the bedroom carpet only a few weeks in. The next term of art making will involve a lot of strategic covering up of my mess.


Alex Willis

Alice Hackney

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