This is the same path

we were on yesterday

it has shrunk

you feel bad when

things that lead to magic

and all of the 

total strangers

put a lot of trust in 

think about captivity

speak in a whisper


Crises coming on

the x of y

feels like a paywall

feeling mad embodied 

very little ambiguity


Time for mourning

The first and last thing

I see every single day

poor, like

really, poor,



I spent today staring at screens and 

I’m gonna do it again tommorow



Still videos and actual stills

Of course she’s rich as fuck

Tired eyes looking out bus windows

20 year olds looking like Goldman SVPs


I took my first break from social media

and came back confused about

its landscape its characters its logic


Friend tells me how much she hates when

upper-middle class people dress and act

like they’re working class


The son of my mother and father


Stared using voice messages a lot

Knowing your best side and dimensions

I am cold and hungry and writing today

I do not want to think about money today 


Guy who says ‘I just want you to know

I really love and appreciate you’ daily to all

his friends and tells everyone that he does


Email from the site you just unsubscribed from

letting you know that you’ve unsubscribed


Heaps of freshly cut onions on the 

sidewalk doing me like this


Chugging chamomile tea


charles de agustin