a poem by Kirsty Clark 



video art by Megan Black

Mia Parnell on the medieval food fantasy

poem by Alexander Blaney

photo series by Leila Collins

poem by Alexander Blaney

cockaigne cover bookk.png

photo series by Mia Parnell and Gergia Heneage

a poem by Sukaina Husain

a morsel by Samuel Moriarty

art by Ellie Begley

Alex Blaney on veganism/vegetarianism

Jonny Budd explores desire and the 'peach scene' of 'Call Me by your Name

Alvin Tan on the relationship between food and art

Jiaqi Kang explores memory, identity, summers

2 videos by Ellie Arnold

a photo series by Mia Parnell and Georgia Heneage