walk culture

harry lauchlan



ferment active in the water dès que 
des petites bulles apparaissent:
have you heard
Richard continues smoking
which eats at all the remaining air; 
you can tell 
by the way it froths; at time
of speaking 
he’s unrepentant; 
others so so;
myself I lost contact with him; 
R no; others less so; 
too strong for itself river 
cleaves round us elle va le rendre 
euphorique indeed recent rainfall 
has made it
practically voluptuous engorged 
like a posh man
wearing multiple gilets; 
keep warm; in fact
I saw him yesterday 
writhing away in the furze; 
it’s been a 
stressful time for us all; he too 
would you believe it finds 
merit in the later work slurs 
slightly with fatigue at this stage
of the afternoon ebbs euphorique
telling us it’s stochasticker apparently; 
shall we go; 
with all these walks I’ve been on they always collapse; 
no matter
go or no; 
but he’s bound to stop someday has to,
so I wouldn’t worry.

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