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video art by rordgio_della

poetry by Rosie Park

Katherine Shen on fashion's relationship with the mighty machine

Audrey Lee (@kidaudrey) spills all on her nocturnal brain activity

Tilda Coleman tells us a story

or is Cameron Bissett a human...? You decide

a photo series by Leila Collins

video art by Kirsty Clark

Alvin Tan tells us about the revolutionary history of the letterpress

Adam Husain recalls being stuck in a somewhat loop

Charles Pidgeon doesn't know quite what this is, and neither do we. See what u think.

Two drawings by Mark de Courcy Ling

Shannon Smith questions Artificial Intelligence

Harry Coday is feeling 2D

Alvin Tan asks the question on everybody's lips: are machines the new 'young creatives' 

a photo series by Sophia ""Scout"" Spralja 

By Zoe Harris-Wallis

Oliver Loeb Mills discusses the pleasure of pointless machines

Mia & Grozzy Parnall take a foray into the Cornish industrial landscape

Babes on a plane: Nathan Geyer on the political power of the war machine pin-up

Chloe Dootson_Graube traces the history of the sewing machine, all the way into the painful now

Lev Crofts takes one giant leap for mankind - embracing Rupi Kaur

Lee Simmonds on the joys and pitfalls of the humble Graphics Interchange Format

A video by Harry Coday

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